Creating a sustainability plan is going to be a good idea, but not every business has an easy time with this. You know how important it is to start taking environmentally responsible actions, but you want to do things right. Read about the following common sustainability plan mistakes. If you learn about these mistakes, then it should help you to avoid making them yourself. 

Setting Goals Before Doing Your Homework

You can’t set your goals before you do your homework and get the data right. It’s necessary to learn about the impact that you’re having on the environment now so that you can know what you can do about it. It might feel nice to say that you’ll cut emissions by half, but you have to try to do so in a practical way. Take the time to research your situation before you go through with making a plan. 

Not Putting the Right People on the Team

When you’re creating a sustainability task force, it’s going to be important to put the right people on the team. You need to find people who believe in making a difference and combating climate change so that they will make good moves. If you put people on the team who care more about profits than sustainability, then they might hinder you. Be careful about who you select to be in charge of various aspects of your sustainability initiative. 

Failing to Measure Success 

How are you going to push to become a sustainable company if you don’t have the ability to measure your success? Put the right mechanisms in place so that you can measure how you’re doing with your sustainability initiatives. Do the research so that you will know what metrics you can use to measure your success. It’s important to hold your company accountable and to be transparent about your efforts. 

Having the Wrong Motivation

Some companies are focusing on sustainability purely as a PR move, and they don’t actually care much about the goal. They just want people to look at them in the right light so that they can stay profitable. You need to actually care about sustainability and the future of the planet. Try to cultivate the right culture in your company and surround yourself with people who understand the importance of sustainability efforts.