There are few natural-born leaders. Most take on the responsibility of training themselves to be influential leaders. Whether you learn from others or personal experiences, becoming a great leader is about what you do.

  1. Keep Promises

Only make promises that you are sure you can keep. Nothing can kill your credibility faster than an unfulfilled or breached promise. Being able to keep promises can be tricky, but it can also develop discipline and integrity. This commitment should be practiced with your kids and colleagues.

  1. Dress To Make an Influence

Ensure that your appearance is consistent with who you are and what you are trying to accomplish. Make sure that you apply this principle to your company. For instance, Butler Amusements, a company based in California, has a strong reputation for having the cleanest trucks in the industry. The company’s slogan is “The Cleanest Show in the West.”

  1. Treat The Team Like You Want Them To Treat Customers

Being a jerk to customers is incongruent with who you are as a leader. Treating people as you want them to is vital to being a great leader. During the 1960s, Robert Greenleaf coined the term servant leadership. It’s not about being servile but finding ways to help your employees become more successful.

  1. Be Able To Show Commitment To Growth

As your team and service levels improve, you can improve your business’s efficiency. The founders of a small company in Florida known as Suncoast Coffee Service and Vending pay their employees to read books that benefit their professional and personal lives. Through their reading program called Making People Better, the company’s employees are given a month to complete the book and $50 after they have finished. At the end of that month, the employees gather to discuss the book.

  1. Ask For Feedback

Some leaders tend to react to feedback as criticism instead of learning from it. However, waiting for your employees to input is not a good idea. Instead, ask them to provide you with their thoughts on improving as a leader. You should consider when it comes to becoming a great leader is having the ability to communicate clearly. Ask for an example of how you can improve as a leader.