Taking inspiration from other successful leaders is a huge part of being a great leader individually. Observing who has reached the top of the ranks in business for 2022 will work to inspire and motivate others who want to achieve the same goals.

The Leaders

Tim Cook

Cook is the CEO of Apple, a company that requires no formal introduction. He became CEO after Steve Jobs passed away in 2011 and has been responsible for many of the new product innovations and additional retail locations nationwide. He has huge shoes to fill but has been keeping the same momentum for the company.

Sheryl Sandberg

Sandberg holds the role of COO of Facebook and has since 2008. This long-standing position taught Sandberg many valuable skills, and she has since gone on to publish a best-selling novel, create her own organization, and advocate for women in tech.

Reed Hastings

Founder and CEO of the popular streaming service Netflix, Hastings is well-known because of the way his company has evolved. What was once a service that operated through the mail has now transformed into a digital world of choices for entertainment. His subscription model has served as a blueprint for many other streaming services worldwide.

All powerful and impressive, these influential business leaders were unafraid to make changes and to put in the necessary hard work to succeed. Their accomplishments prove that hard work does pay off. 

Why Inspiration Matters

Trying to accomplish anything without a great source of inspiration is difficult. The challenges we face seem much larger than they truly are, and the ideas for how to work through them tend to come up short. Being able to observe real-life examples of those who have been in the same situations will spark a sense of creativity and determination.

Each of the individuals above is accomplished and impressive. By taking a page out of each book, the lessons learned will prove to be helpful to any entrepreneur also trying to make success happen.