You already know what an entrepreneur is, but you might not be entirely clear about what social entrepreneurship means. This term has become more important as of late, and many people focus on social entrepreneurship. Keep reading to learn more about social entrepreneurship and why it will be so imperative moving forward. You just might feel inspired to become a social entrepreneur yourself. 

Social Entrepreneurs Care About More Than Just Profits

It is important to understand that social entrepreneurs aren’t just out to start businesses to make a lot of money. A social entrepreneur can have financial goals, but they start businesses with the primary goal of doing something for the greater social good. They want to make a difference in the world by helping communities or solving important problems. Making money is something that happens due to the good things that they’re doing, but it isn’t the sole focus. 

A social entrepreneur’s motivation is to start a company that can make a difference in the world. Lots of successful entrepreneurs can be considered to be social entrepreneurs. If you care about certain social issues, you might start a business that can help solve problems or help in various ways. People recognize the need for social justice and societal change now more than ever. 

Environmental Issues

Environmental issues are one of the biggest concerns of a social entrepreneur. Many of the social entrepreneurs that are getting started today are trying to help solve environmental problems. Climate change concerns are very real, and many aren’t sure whether humanity is up to the task of solving this conundrum. Savvy entrepreneurs are stepping up to try to shift industries toward doing the right thing when it comes to the environment. 


Philanthropy is also something that social entrepreneurs focus a lot of energy on. They try to help the communities where they are located so that they can make them better. This could involve feeding the homeless or helping to raise funds for education. There are many things that local businesses can do to help the community thrive.