In today’s online marketplace, having a positive brand image is more important than ever. The Internet has made it possible to reach millions of potential customers with your product or service and be used by competitors for bad press and negative comments.

Unfortunately, most companies treat their online reputation as an afterthought. This is a strategy that is far past due and needs immediate attention. The following are five ways to create a positive brand image for your business.

  1. Own Your Website

It is important to own your domain name and all related web assets. If a competitor owns a close variation of your company’s URL, they can cause you credibility problems with the search engines and customers because confusion will ensue.

  1. Own Several Domains

Your brand image can be damaged if your domain name is misspelled or the wrong geographic location is referenced. For example, someone searching for “Bay Area Garage Door Repair” may accidentally find a competitor in Boise, Idaho. Additionally, keeping your domain names consistent is a good way to protect brand continuity.

  1. Monitor Your Online Presence

Maintain awareness of what people are saying about you online and quickly take corrective action to resolve issues or complaints that arise. Use Google Alerts to be notified of new mentions of your website. With over 100 million results returned in less than a second, you can eliminate bad press or damaging reviews by immediately working to resolve complaints and concerns.

  1. Use Social Media Tools

To generate customer loyalty and promote their brand image, businesses should use social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube to have real-time conversations with customers proactively.

  1. Improve Your Brand Image with Blogging

Regularly publish articles that contribute value to your industry, promote sharing of information, and help build relationships with others in the business community. You can also demonstrate your company’s expertise by participating in social bookmarking sites and ranking highly in the search engines with high page rankings.

With the right methods, you can begin building a positive brand reputation that will stand strong against even the most malicious online criticism. Stay consistent and protect your online reputation to ensure your success.