Being able to balance professional and personal life is important. Putting too much effort into one inevitably leads to neglect of the other. These habits are great to develop because they adjust priorities and allow people to become better professional individuals while still maintaining solid personal roles in the household and other social settings.

Changing a Habit

To change a habit, the common belief is that everybody needs at least three weeks before a new one is successfully adopted. This means consistency is the key to adopting the following work-life balance methods. They are helpful when practiced regularly and will continue to grow stronger the longer they are practiced.

Most Helpful Habits

  • Do not let fear stand in the way. Instead, face the fear by realizing there are always solutions to choose from. Fear does not have to control anybody.
  • Put important personal activities on the schedule. This shows they are significant and helps people remember when they must take time off from work.
  • Set firm boundaries. No means no, especially when the workday ends.
  • Turn off technology whenever possible. Always being connected can mean always being stressed.
  • Manage energy as well as time. Having enough time to do something is not equivalent to having the energy to complete the tasks.
  • Make sure to take advantage of vacation time.
  • Become a part of social groups or social settings that have nothing to do with work.
  • Block the calendar off, allowing for chunks of time devoted to both professional and personal tasks.
  • Limit work hours to time spent at work. Not bringing the stress home is essential for being more present at home.
  • Create the perfect balance. This is not going to look the same for everybody.

It might feel impossible to change a habit, but given enough effort, these habits can become a new part of any hard worker’s schedule and life as a whole. These habits are designed to promote more balance and harmony between the professional and personal worlds.