On a personal level, empathy creates connections and facilitates trust. This is not only a great trait to have with friends and family. It is actually very important to be empathetic in business, as well. When this is achieved, customers and peers alike will feel the benefits.

Reasons Why it’s Important

Acknowledgement is very important in the workplace. It differs from validation because there does not necessarily have to be praise involved. When someone is acknowledged, they are being recognized for what they are saying. Without this attention, employees begin to feel unappreciated and even invisible.

On the other hand, empathy is also beneficial for customers. When team members have empathy, they are able to relate to their customers in a very real way. This can avoid misunderstandings or any misguided anger. Keeping composure is very important in business.

Empathy is a small act of kindness, and it will always go a long way. If there is ever a chance for a business professional to be nicer to others, this chance should definitely be taken. A great reputation is based on these kind acts.

How to Express Empathy

Expressing empathy in a professional environment looks different than doing it for a friend or family member. As a business professional, empathy can be expressed in a couple of different ways. The following are some great examples to model.

  • Be understanding about flexible deadlines, especially when an individual is going through a difficult time.
  • Try to relate to customers. The people who feel comfortable sharing personal narratives are the ones who will likely benefit from some empathy in return.
  • Look at team members as individuals rather than replaceable employees. Each person provides valuable input and skills to the business.
  • Remind others often of the skills they are great at rather than focusing on what they cannot do yet.

There are countless ways to express empathy in the workplace, and they are easy to find when some extra thought is put into the action. With this newfound understanding, it is clear to see that empathy does belong in a professional setting.